About Local Systems Database

A number of Danish Research Institutions with local systems (CRIS) for registering their publication outputs are data partners in this database of Danish research, observed from the local perspective based on locally curated data. The data partners contribute data as well as expertise in order to achieve the best possible result. To see a list of current as well as potential data partners, read more under the tab Data Partners.

August 2023 Data Update

  • Beta release (May 2022) of the portal database with data from Danish Local Systems, which in this beta version solely includes publication metadata

Imported Data

  • Publication data 2011 to date from the 8 Danish Universities, 3 Danish Artistic Higher Education Institutions, 7 University Colleges, The Danish Center for Social Science Research, The Danish Institute for International Studies and The Ministry of Culture – Archives, Museums, and Royal Library Denmark

  • Some data exchange problems have been addressed which, for institutions currently using Pure as CRIS, required an update to version 5.23.1. Currently all universities, except ITU have upgraded

Data Enhancements

  • Danish affiliation names from the Danish Local Systems’ publication records are mapped to Danish Affiliations in a standardized form (NORA names) and grouped in categories like Universities, Private Research etc. This is an ongoing effort. A re-organization of the Danish affiliations and -groupings were implemented in February 2023. New affiliation groupings added are: Artistic Higher Education InstitutionsBusiness AcademiesGovernmental InstitutionsNon-Profit Organizations and GTS Institutes

  • Nora Names have been added as ‘pseudo affiliations’ to records without any affiliations corresponding to the data provider name providing the record to the database 
  • Collaboration Countries are mapped into Collaboration Regions of analytical interest, like OECD, EU etc. Regions are in standardized form (NORA names)

  • The filter Added on allows you to restrict your search to only include publication records from a specific update of the database
  • Interlinking across all four databases (Matching Records in) has been implemented based on DOI-matching

  • Keywords are added based on the keywords added on the individual publication record by the data provider

Help and Guides

Imported Data

  • While including the 8 Universities a number of issues were discovered in the transfer of data from their local systems to the portal. These have now been corrected in collaboration with the CRIS software vendor and was made available in the Pure software update version 5.23.1 (March 2022). All current data providers except ITU have now updated. Data on ‘Author Collaborations’ as well as multi affiliation is hence not yet reflected in the data from ITU

  • The different institutions have set up their web service/API from their local system in different ways, which means that only some institutions displays unpublished, submitted and in-press records in the NORA database while others do not

  • Some University Hospital publications are registered at the Universities and hence will appear as University publications

  • Moving forward we will begin the integration of data from the Esploro system of Royal Danish Defense College

  • Moving forward we will furthermore begin integration of data from other Danish Research Institutions. See under the Data Partners tab for a full list of research institutions to be included

Danish Affiliation Names

  • We collaborate with the Data Partners in order to keep securing the best possible metadata on Danish affiliation names from the CRIS systems

Export Functionality

  • A version 1 of a reference export (in RIS format) has been added to the other export functionalities. The reference export is still undergoing testing and improvements

Help and Guides

  • As we move along – and collect user feedback – more user guides, PDFs as well as videos will be added

Improving the Beta release (May 2022)

  • Processing user feedback

  • Carrying out third party usability testing

  • Fixing bugs and serious usability problems

  • Extracting and prioritizing ideas for improvements

  • Developing and testing improvements

  • Launching the Beta-2 version

Imported Data

  • Increasing the number of data providers – and the quality of the exported data

  • Start reviewing the possibility and feasibility of including patents from the Danish Local Systems

  • Start reviewing the possibility and feasibility of including datasets from the Danish Local Systems

  • Start reviewing the possibility and feasibility of including a broader range of content types from the Danish Local Systems

Data Enhancements

  • Enhance the mapping and normalization of Danish affiliation names

August 2023 Data Update

All Danish research institutions with local systems for registering their publication outputs are potential data partners.

Currently included:

Currently on the list to be included:

The collaboration with the local systems is facilitated by The Working Group for National Database and Search Portal representing the various types of research institutions.

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