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Article, 2022

Ultrasonography in diagnostic dermatology: a primer for clinicians

In: Archives of Dermatological Research, ISSN 1432-069X, Pages 1-6, 10.1007/s00403-021-02307-x

Contributors (3)

Raza, Sami (0000-0003-0182-9526) [1] Ali, Faisal Rehman (0000-0002-8588-791X) [2] [3] Al-Niaimi, Firas A (Corresponding author) [4]


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Ultrasound has long been a diagnostic staple throughout medicine, with extensive use in orthopaedics and obstetrics. In this review, we find there are a range of versatile uses for diagnostic ultrasound in dermatology, with particular clinical relevance in the imaging of skin tumours. Our review outlines that diagnostic ultrasound can play an important role as an adjunct, but shortfalls remain with inter- and intra-operator discrepancies in aptitude and accuracy.