Research Portal Denmark

FORAN - a New Network for Research Analysts

Research Analytical Network – FORAN – aims to promote dialogue, knowledge sharing and joint learning in the area of research information, analysis and evaluation.


The network will follow and investigate trends at home and abroad, as well as follow and contribute to the development of Denmark’s Research Portal.


The target group is practitioners and researchers within research analysis, evaluation, bibliometrics, scientometrics, research intelligence etc.


The aim is to jointly go a step deeper, than there is time for in the daily work of research analysis and evaluation.

The network does this by facilitating:


  • Knowledge sharing and joint reflection
  • Information and inspiration from around the world
  • Examination and testing of data, systems, principles and concepts
  • Information and dialogue about the Research Portal
  • Development projects in the Research Portal


You can be involved from the start … and perhaps you will also like to help organize meetings and events.

No dues are charged. FORAN is digitally supported by Denmark’s Research Portal. The network is open to everyone in Denmark and is based on the participants’ commitment and active participation.

FORAN will cooperate with other networks in Denmark that have interfaces with research information, analysis and evaluation. For example, the Danish Reproducibility Network – and expectedly on the way:


  • A Danish CoARA national chapter
  • A Danish Open Research Information network
  • A Danish Open Science Monitoring network