Welcome to the Research Portal 

Explore data on Danish research, from publications to patents, datasets and funding, etc. Read more About the Research Portal and its partners – View a video (coming) with a Quick Portal Tour – Or try out one of our services below.

Global Data Sources 

Currently, we have data from three major global services: Clarivate, Digital Science and Elsevier. Initially data on publications, but we will be adding data on patents, datasets, clinical trials, policy papers, etc. The databases are interlinked, so when you are in one database, you may follow links to the others to see how they describe and classify the same object.

Danish Data Sources 

Currently, we collect and index data on publications from the local systems of Danish research institutions. This database is also interlinked with the global. We produce the annual Open Access Indicator, monitoring the implementation of the national Open Access strategy. Moreover, we are working with Danish funders to establish a database of Danish research grants.