Research Portal Denmark
About Data & Documentation

Research Portal Denmark offers access to two publication databases, both featuring information on Danish research publications. One database, the Global Database, is based on data provided by global commercial data providers, while the other, the Local Database, is based on data from Danish research institutions (known as Danish data providers).


Both databases contain publication metadata dating back to 2011 and include publications associated with at least one author who, at the time of publishing, is affiliated with a Danish research institution according to the data provider.


While the fundamental structure of the two databases is very similar, variations between the databases and metadata exist. Consequently, the utilization, functionality, and search results will differ between the Global Database and the Local Database. The databases are visually differentiated with distinct colors, making it easy to identify which one is being accessed.

Data is updated on a monthly basis in the publication databases.Throughout this process, quality assurance, data enhancement, cross-source matching of publications, and deduplication of data from local data providers are conducted. In the technical documentation, you will find an overview of data flow and descriptions of all update aspects.


Explore the sub-menus to delve into specifics about the two databases and their structures. Additionally, find answers to the most commonly asked questions about the publication databases in the shared FAQ section.