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There is a lot going on in Denmark’s Research Portal – we continuously update and expand our services, launch new development initiatives, and have plenty of information we would like to share with our users. We regularly publish news on this page and send them out via our mailing list. A few times a year, we collect all the most important news in a newsletter, which we than distribute through our mailing list. The newsletter is, of course, published in both Danish and English.


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19. April 2024

The national exchange format DDF-MXD has just been updated to version 1.4.4. DDF-MXD is used for exchanging metadata for documents between institutional research databases and Denmark’s Research Portal. This update includes improvements and adjustments that strengthen information exchange and the fields that can eventually be displayed in, among others, the portal’s Local Publication Database.

The extensions in DDF-MXD version 1.4.4 include:

  • New publication types and PIDs: The format now encompasses even more publication types, such as editorials and podcasts. Additionally, several open persistent identifiers (PIDs) have been added, including the global organization ID ROR and multiple OpenAlex Identifiers.

  • Expanded funding-, publisher-, and author information: The new version also includes funding acknowledgments and provides information about journal publishers. Furthermore, it is now possible to determine if an author is registered as corresponding.

  • Corrections and optimisations: Version 1.4.4 contains further general optimizations of the format


Read more about the national exchange format and find links to the full technical documentation here.

5. April 2024

Research Portal Denmark is now officially live! – Thanks to all of you who participated in the Launch Conference. Presentations from the event, as well as posters, are now accessible online on the Conference page. We invite everyone to explore the conference page and the entire portal which offers numerous freely and openly available services and databases.


During the launch conference, FORAN was also introduced – a new network for research analysts. FORAN aims to foster dialogue, knowledge sharing, and collaborative learning in the area of research information, analysis, and evaluation. Discover more about the network and register your interest on the portal’s FORAN website.


Within the NORA team, we are presently engaged in the operation and development of Research Portal Denmark. In light of the newly introduced services and databases, we are keen to gather feedback from portal users regarding future communication initiatives. If you have insights to share, we encourage you to complete the Research Portal’s survey on wishes for upcoming communication initiatives.


On behalf of Vinciane Gaillard, who at the conference presented Advancing open science and research assessment, a link to the CoARA survey: Reforming Academic Career Assessment (ACA): a survey from the CoARA Working Group on ACA is also linked to here, as it will be of great help if as many European research institutions as possible participate.

23. February 2024

We are now ready with the full programme for Denmark’s Research Portal’s launch conference and a sneak release of the two new databases that you can already explore:

Global Data: Database with search across the current three commercial global data sources. Here you don’t have to choose which source you want to search in – the search can be made across all global sources.

Local Data: Database with search across data from the local institutional data suppliers. The database gives access to search in a merged version of the local data without duplicates, which gives a better overview and more precise searches.

Read much more in the newsletter. 

24. January 2024

Research Portal Denmark will be officially launched at a 1-day conference in the Copenhagen area on the 21st of March 2024. In addition to the launch, the conference will explore broader trends within the themes of research informationinfrastructuresevaluations, and assessments – with a particular focus on open datasystems, and initiatives, nationally as well as internationally. All participants are also invited to submit a poster. 

Read more and sign up on the Conference Page.

11. January 2024

Happy New Year! 2023 has flown by in the NORA team and the high pace continues well into 2024. We are incredibly excited to share that we are now ready for the Ministry of Higher Education and Science to officially cut the ribbon to Denmark’s Research Portal and all its services. It is an important milestone and we would like to invite you to the launch conference on 21 March 2024 in Frederiksberg in Ovnhallen, Porcelænshaven at CBS. Much more information about the conference to come but make sure to mark your calendars now. Read much more in the Newsletter.

Newsletter September 2023  Exciting Developments this fall from the NORA team

September 2023
Stay up to date with the latest news from the NORA team. This issue of the newsletter highlights what we are currently working on; developing new services in Research Portal Denmark, launch of a patent database, the new Events page and much more which you can read about in the newsletter.

NORA job opening – we are looking for an IT coordinator for the development of Research Portal Denmark (position have been filled)

May 2023

We’re looking for a new colleague, to fill a key role in the further development of Research Portal Denmark, the developing national infrastructure with a growing array of databases facilitating open and robust overviews, insights, and analyses of Danish research. As an IT coordinator, you will play a central role in the technical development and coordination of the research portal. So if you have an interest in working with open source software, linking and normalizing large data sets to build databases and analytical modules, you can read more in the full job description (in English). The application deadline is 28 May 2023Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions regarding the job opening. 


News from Research Portal Denmark  data from Danish Institute for International Studies and new filter implemented

May 2023

The research portal’s database with data from local systems has now been expanded with data from DIIS – Danish Institute for International Studies. In addition, a new filter has been added to the database. The filter, called ‘Added On’, allows you to limit your search to for example display only the most recently added publications. This can be of help if you have a saved search that you would like to limit to only showing publications that have been added after the monthly update of the database. Find, search and export publication data from all the Danish data providers in the database with local data

New Danish affiliation groupings in Research Portal Denmark

February 2023

Following feedback from several of the users and data providers of the Research Portal, we have revisited and re-designed the original organizational affiliation categories that have been in use since the launch of the Research Portal Denmark last year. This has resulted in an expansion of the number of normalized Danish affiliation names (so-called NORA names) and the addition of further organization groupings, which can be found and used in for example the filter Danish Affiliations in all the databases. These additions should make the search experience in the Research Portal even better. Among the new groupings are Business Academies and Artistic Higher Education Institutions. Explore all the new organizations and categories in one of the portal’s current publication-based databases:


Newsletter December 2022 – Better matching, new export, and more data

December 2022

The NORA team wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Stay up to date with the latest news from the NORA team. In this issue of the newsletter, you can read about improved matching across global databases, improved export, and additional institutions in the database with data from Local Systems. We also share information on the NORA team’s ongoing efforts and plans for the first part of 2023.  Read much more in the newsletter.

NORA job openings – We are looking for a new Senior Analyst and Technical Coordinator to join the team (positions have been filled)

December 2022

We are busy with the development of Research Portal Denmark and therefore currently have two job openings:

  • We are looking for an experienced analyst who can help us meet the portal’s ambitious objectives. Do you love working with data, have solid experience with Research Analytics and think innovatively, then it might just be you we are looking for. Application deadline is 31 December 2022. Read more in the full job description (only in Danish).
  • In addition, we are also looking for a technical coordinator who will play a central role in the technical development and coordination of Research Portal Denmark. So if you have an interest in working with open source software, linking and normalizing large data sets to build databases and analytical modules, you can read more in the full job description(only in Danish). The application deadline is 15 January 2023.

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions regarding any of the two job openings.

Learn more about NORA & Research Portal Denmark and meet us at the DFFU Summit

September 2022

The webinar ‘Intro to NORA & Research Portal Denmark’ can now be found on the website (in Danish only). Here you can both hear more about what the NORA initiative is all about, as well as get an introduction to the various publication-based databases available in Research Portal Denmark. In addition, you will also find the slide sets used in the webinar (in Danish and English). These can also serve as a user guide when discovering the portal’s databases. NORA will also be meeting various stakeholders when doing a presentation later this week at the DFFU Summit October 2022 – if you are not able to attend, feedback, input and questions are as always most welcome at

Newsletter August 2022 – New Institutions and Webinars

August 2022

We are back at work in the NORA team and are thrilled to share that we’ll soon be adding publication data from additional Danish Institutions to the Database with Data from Local Systems. Read more about this and our September Webinar; “Intro to NORA & Research Portal Denmark” in the August newsletter.

Newsletter May 2022 – Improved prototypes ready for test

May 2022

Research Portal Denmark thanks for all the feedback. We have implemented many improvements, and now welcome testing of a new and improved generation of prototypes. The homepage has likewise been improved with an updated layout and better entry points to the four prototype databases. Discover and explore Danish research in Research Portal Denmark and read much more in the newsletter.

The results of the Open Access Indicator released

April 2022

Open Access to scientific articles from Danish universities continue to increase. See the latest results, released 7th April 2022

Newsletter November 2021

November 2021

Data is pouring in to create a new overview of Danish research – First services available at New Year’s. Read much more in the newsletter.

NORA job openings (positions have been filled)

June 2021

We are busy in the NORA team, and therefor looking for two new colleagues. Would you like to part of the development and operation of Danish Research Portal in the beautiful surroundings of DTU Risø, then you might be the new addition to the team we are looking for. Deadline is 29 August 2021, with more information on the two positions in the full job descriptions.

The Working Group for National Database and Search Portal is established

May 2021

The Working Group for National Database and Search Portal is now established, with a kick-off meeting 22 June 2021. The working group is initiated for the purpose of securing the best possible representation and expert knowledge regarding the development of a Research Database, based on data from the Danish research institutions’ local research databases (CRIS, RIMS). For more information on the Working Group read here.