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The Working Group for Funders and Grants

The working group for Funders and Grants has been established by the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science and is involved in the development of a Danish Funders and Grants Database.

 The dedicated working group serves as an expert panel and collaborative partner in the design and development of:

  • A Standardized data format for metadata
  • Establishing consistent terminology and addressing name variants
  • Qualifying the database scope
  • Defining a technical exchange format
  • A demotype and prototype, Danish Grants Database
  • Overview of global persistent IDs for funders and grants

The working group meets monthly during the initial start-up phase and additionally, when needed. The working group’s activities are led and coordinated by the NORA team and chaired by Mogens Sandfær, who can be contacted for further information.


Lars Egstrøm Kristensen

Christian Klement

Kasper Ørum Køhler Simonsen

Troels Brøns Kjems

Mathilde Marker Hansson

Ulla Jakobsen

Anders Agerbæk Kjøller Nielsen

Emil Søndergaard Hansen

Rasmus Vendelbo Lund Jensen

Anne-Sofie Dam Bjørkman

Claus Werner Andersen

Karen Skytte Larsen

Mogens Sandfær, Technical University of Denmark (Chair)

Dicte Madsen, Technical University of Denmark

Karen Hytteballe Ibanez, Technical University of Denmark