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About the Portal

Ministry of Higher Education and Science

NORA is financed by the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science (UFS) with the purpose of strengthening the analytical capacity, in relation to monitoring Danish Research, including the green research. 

Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science 

Contact: Senior Adviser, David Vestergaard Eriksen –

Advisory Board

To advise the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science about the general and overall development of Research Portal Denmark, an Advisory Board has been commissioned, which consists of decision makers from important stakeholders among the research field in Denmark. See terms of reference (in Danish)

Members of Advisory Board

Jens Storm, Head of Division, Analysis and Data (Chair)

Jan Dalsten Sørensen, Head of Communication of Archival Data

Connie Skrubbeltrang, Head of Medical Library, Aalborg University Hospital, The North Denmark Region

Karin Englev, Chair

Marianne Gauffriau, Senior Officer, IT-University Copenhagen

Gitte Julin Kudsk, CEO

 Jesper Risom, Head of Department

Michael Friis Lindinger, Head of Finance and Administration

Thomas Alslev Christensen, Senior Vice President for Impact 

Kira Stine Hansen, Deputy Director

Torben Tranæs, Executive Director of Research, VIVE

Claus Werner Andersen, Head of Division

Morten Kallestrup, Director of Pedagogy and School, University College South Denmark

Niels Mejlgaard, Associate Dean for Research, Aarhus University

Nils Thidemann, Centre Director for Research Information and Analysis, Aalborg University

Daniel Wie Krog, Head of section, Universities Denmark (Observer)


Mogens Sandfær, Head of Division, NORA-team, Technical University of Denmark

Karen Hytteballe Ibanez, Senior Adviser, NORA-team, Technical University of Denmark

David Vestergaard Eriksen, Special Adviser, Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science


For further information, please contact David Vestergaard Eriksen