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About the Portal

The Working Group for Data from Danish Research Institutions

The Working Group for Data from Danish Research Institutions has been established by the Danish Agency for Education and Research to ensure that data and ideas from the Danish research institutions are included as good as possible in the portal’s development work, particular in relation to the database based on data from the Danish research institutions’ local research databases and portals (CRIS systems).

The working group plays an important role as partner in the development of the portal in the following areas:

  • Local registration practices
  • Data quality and utilization of global PIDs
  • Local CRIS/RIMS systems and databases 
  • Data formats, including the national exchange format, DDF-MXD
  • Data deliveries (from local to national and vice versa)
  • Search functionality and user interface design
  • User needs and usability

Read more in the Purpose description (in Danish) for the working group. 


The working group meets quarterly or as needed. For further information and enquiries, contact the chair of the working group Nikoline Dohm Lauridsen


Anne Thorst Melbye, SDU
Poul Meier Melchiorsen, AAU

Tina Holst, RUC

Henrik Skadhauge Clausen, UC Viden

Louise Naomi Vetner, UCN

Peter Olsen, GEUS

Maria Pertou Østergaard, Aalborg University Hospital

Christian Klement, Analysis & Data

Nikoline Dohm Lauridsen, Technical University of Denmark (Chair)
Dicte Madsen, Technical University of Denmark