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As part of Denmark’s Research Portal’s ambition to be open, we also strive to make data available to the Research Portal’s users whenever and wherever possible.

These are the following options for downloading publication metadata:


Publication Data

From the Local Database, you can export all publication metadata. It is possible to export metadata from the consolidated publications, i.e., without duplicates – per year or as a full dataset, as well as to export metadata from the individual institutions – per year, per institution, or as a full dataset – both in JSON or DDF-MXD format. Read more about the options and download data here.


Additionally, you can export a smaller dataset (max 20.000 records) directly from your search in several different formats (including Excel, JSON, and RIS for references).



From the Global Database, you are able to export publication IDs (Eid, WoS ID, Dimensions ID) from the three individual global databases, which can be used for further processing in the respective data provider’s database or analytics service. It is not possible to export other metadata from the global providers.


When the Research Portal expands to include grants, data sets etc., there will be further options for data export.

Data from the Local Database can be downloaded as XML in the same format used to harvest the local systems: DDF-MXD (Danish Research Database Metadata Exchange Format). DDF-MXD is a Danish nationally developed format used to exchange metadata about publications. Read more about the national exchange format and find its full documentation here.


You can also export data in JSON, either as JSON Arrays or JSON Record Lists. Learn more about both options here.

If you export data in the national exchange format DDF-MXD, you will receive data as we receive it from the local data providers, i.e., raw data to the extent that we do not enrich this dataset.


Data in JSON format is an internal reflection of DDF-MXD data. Therefore, if you export data as JSON, you will only receive a subset of the MXD metadata fields, which are also the fields used to build the Local Database. However, these data contain some improvements (so called NORA-Enhancements), primarily in the form of standardized name forms for Danish organization names, institutional groupings, etc.

In the Local Database, if you download via XML/DDF-MXD or JSON, there is no upper limit on the number of records you can download at once.


However, if you want to download/export metadata or references from your search, there is a limit of 20,000 records.

Yes, in the Local Database, you can export metadata for all publications from a single institution. However, this requires that the institution is a data provider to the Research Portal.


Find an overview here of which institutions that provide data that can be exported. You can export metadata from one or more years.

No, we do not yet have a publicly available API for retrieving data. You must either export metadata in MXD/XML or JSON.

  • Data in the Local Database is a consolidated version of data from various institutions and their metadata pertaining to registered publication records. Data from these different Danish Data Providers may vary depending on local registration considerations and practices. When data is downloaded, these differences will be reflected.

  • Certain fields in the Local Database data are enriched with NORA Enhancements (such as organisational names and cleaned journal titles). These improvements will also be  reflected in the downloaded data.

  • If you are using data in the JSON format, you can find a link to the individual record in the ‘URL’ field (ex: “url”:”″). This link points back to the Research Portal’s version of the publication record for showcasing where the data originates.