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The patents database is updated monthly. The monthly updates include updates to current data, as well as new data from the data provider.

The database indexes all patents published from the year 2011 onwards, provided that at least one of the original patent applicants has a Danish country code. If the patent has an international collaborator these organisations will  also appear in the database, but only as global collaborators.

Various search modes are available, including Simple, Basic, and Expert search options. You can also use filters to start a search or to refine the search results.

For in-depth guidance on each search mode, you can click the question mark icon located in the upper right corner of the search mode ribbon.



At the moment, it’s only possible to export the data provider’s IDs of the search result, which can be used for further processing in the respective data provider’s database or analytics service.

A simple patent family is a collection of patent documents that are considered to cover a single invention. Members of a simple patent family will all have exactly the same priorities. Find further details on the simple patent family definition at the European Patent Office webpage.

The search results list, which matches your search query, displays one patent ‘representative’ per simple family. In the Research Portal Denmark, the ‘representative’ patent is determined based on the earliest publication date. A simple family comprises one or more patent documents, including both applications and grants, from one or more countries, all related to a single invention.




It’s important to note that if there are other simple family members that exist but are not included within the scope of the Research Portal Denmark, they will not be displayed. For a comprehensive list of all simple patent family members, you can refer to the Data Provider link in the upper right corner.

To make sustainable technologies easier to identify, the European Patent Office (EPO) introduced a dedicated tagging scheme known as the Y02/Y04S scheme. The tagging scheme is part of the CPC classification. The Y02 symbol stands for Climate Change Mitigation Technologies (CCMTs), and the Y04S symbol stands for Smart Grids. You can read more in the EPO’s brochure here.